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The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office is very involved and interested in serving the community in a variety of ways. The LCSO tries to promote awareness and quality of life through special programs and services that include:
R    U    OK

Do you or a loved one live alone?  Would you like someone to periodically check in on your/their well-being?  The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office offers a free program called R*U*OK.  Each day, you or a relative will receive a telephone call from the Sheriff's Office at a pre-arranged time to verify that everything of ok.  If the call is not answered, either a designated person or a first responder will go to the home to verify you or your relative's welfare.  Applications are available at libraries, town offices, police departments, the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office or on-line. 

To download an application click here.



This program aims to increase the presence of law enforcement in Lincoln County schools and heightens the deputies' knowledge of the school grounds, property, staff and students. "Dining with a Deputy" will also increase the interaction between law enforcement personnel and school staff in a fun and non-intrusive setting.


To make arrangements for any of these programs, please contact our administrative office at (207)-882-6576.

Interested in a program?


Camp POSTCARD helps 5th and 6th graders build relationships, learn life skills, change their perceptions of law enforcement, reduce high school dropout rates, and improve literacy and college acceptance rates.

The Camp is held at Agazzis Village, a summer camp in Poland, Maine.  Six-hundred-acre Agazzis Village was founded in 1936. At the time it was built, its main dining hall was the largest freestanding cabin in the world.

Organizers are recruiting volunteers to staff the camp, raise funds, donate supplies, and "adopt a camper."  All are welcome. To learn more and sign up for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, contact  Michael Coon at, 207-373-1140 or through Volunteers of America - Camp Postcard.



LCSO officers and deputies spend time reading to elementary school students in the classrooms.  In cooperation with the United Way.


ARC (Addiction Resource Center) is a Lincoln County Out Reach Program.  This program follows the mantra :"Punishment has limited effectiveness.  We need to support, encourage and educate individuals to assist them in a healthier, happier life, clean and sober."  Group counselling for men and women is facilitated by Ms. Angela Musto at the Sheriff's Office in Wiscasset, Two-Bridges Jail and the VFW in Waldoboro.  Ms. Musto also conducts one-on-one counseling. Counseling is conducted in a non-threatening way, on which trust, safety and respect builds the therapeutic relationship.  Contact Ms. Musto at ARC, 207-295-5324.

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