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The LCSO's Criminal Investigation Division, which handles case preparation, consists of two sergeants - one under contract to the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency - and three detectives under a lieutenant.  They represent the plain clothes investigative branch of the Sheriff's Department. 

Our present staff of Criminal Investigators (Lt. Michael Murphy, Detective Sgt. Jason Pease, Detective Sgt. Ron Rollins, Detective Jared Mitkus, D
etective Ryan Chubbuck and Detective Matthew Ryan) are responsible for investigating all complaints of child abuse referred to them by the Lincoln County District Attorney's Office. In addition, they investigate most of the reported felonies, computer crimes and crimes against the elderly. The CID division is also responsible for sex offender registration within the county.

Our detectives do the majority of all serious criminal investigations - including child sex abuse cases, drug cases, and more detailed property crimes.  The overwhelming majority of cases also involve some sort of substance, whether alcohol or drugs.

Murphy MSA.jpg

LT. Michael Murphy



The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office provides inmate transport from Two Bridges Regional Jail to the Lincoln County Superior and District Courts, to other correctional facilities, federal court and to medical centers. The Transportation division is managed by Lt. Michael Murphy, who is assisted by Sergeant Aaron Mortensen, Sergeant Alan Shea, Deputy Justin Drake, Deputy Willy Simmons, Deputy James Read and PT Deputy Eleanor Grover.



The Court Security Unit provides law enforcement services and protection to judges, court officials, defendants, jurors, witnesses and the general public while they are in the county's courthouse. 

The Lincoln County Courthouse is intended to be safe place where citizens access the courts, obtain justice system services and resolve disputes peacefully. In order to help provide a safe and secure court facility, a number of security systems and processes are in place; some of which you will encounter when you visit the courthouse. The predominant security feature involves screening visitors for weapons and prohibited items.

Visitors who enter the Lincoln County Courthouse are required to pass through security screening similar to what one might experience in an airport. As visitors enter the courthouse, they will be required to pass through a magnetometer (commonly called a metal detector) and belongings will be inspected. 

The Screening Process: What to Expect

  • Be prepared to empty pockets and place the contents in a container provided for you at a screening checkpoint. Mobile phones, music players such as iPods, personal data assistants (PDAs) and other hand held electronic devices must be placed in a container for screening. 

  • Be prepared to provide purses, briefcases, laptops and laptop cases, backpacks, coats and other hand carried items to court security staff for a search.  If you don't need it, don’t bring it in.

  • Please note, you may be required to undergo additional screening procedures to enter the facility if the magnetometer sounds an alarm. Please follow the directions of security personnel who will assist you through the rest of the screening process should this occur.

  • Before leaving the security area, please remember to retrieve all personal possessions. Security personnel are not responsible for items left in security screening areas.

Prohibited Items

  • Firearms, ammunition or explosives

  • Knives of any size (to include box cutters, razors or any edged weapons)

  • Personal protective spray (mace) or any aerosol spray

  • Tools of any kind, manual or electric (I.e.- screwdrivers, hammers, drills, chisels, ect.)

  • Handcuff keys 

  • Any item whose possession is prohibited by State Statue (controlled substances, illegal weapons)

  • Any item that could be considered threatening (such as manicure kits, knitting needles, metal hair picks, scissors or laser pointers)

  • Tasers

  • Chains

Help keep your experience simple by arriving a few minutes early, prepared for the screening process, and by cooperating with security staff and law enforcement officer's requests and directions.

CONTACT - Two Bridges Regional Jail

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CONTACT - Lincoln County Courthouse

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The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office provides several Animal Control Officers (ACOs) who handle approximately 800 animal calls each year. Incidents handled by the ACO include animals at large, injured animals, nuisance complaints, animal cruelty and animal bites.


If a person has a situation where they need animal control, please contact the ACO by calling  Lincoln County Communications Dispatch at 207-882-7332.

Dog owners are required to license their dogs by January of each year through their town office. This is not only a State law, but it is also used as a means to ensure dogs have been vaccinated for rabies and, if they become lost, to reunited dogs with their owners.  Proof of rabies vaccination must be shown at the town office before issuance of a license.

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