Deputy Sean Pfahler is the current SRO (School Resource Officer) at Lincoln Academy in Newcastle, Maine. Lincoln Academy is a diverse grade 9-12 school, consisting of approximately 100 staff members and 550 students, some of whom are from countries such as Russia, China, Spain, and more. A school resource officer is an officer trained through a national certified training program (NASRO) to work with the local school system, in this case with Lincoln Academy.


School resource officers rotate between three main duties:


  • Mentor

  • Teacher

  • Law Enforcement Officer


Many times the SRO will find themselves teaching in classrooms, counseling students who have issues going on in school or at home, and checking the security of the building. These duties are equally important, ensuring the school is safe and students have a resource they can trust.


Deputy Pfahler holds a certificate in teaching physical science, allowing him to integrate easily into the classroom. Classes taught include constitutional law, fitness, drivers education, basic first aid, mental stresses and coping, physics, and more. If you were to look in on one of Deputy Pfahler’s classes, you may see the students using Fatal Vision Goggles (drunk goggles). The goggles simulate various intoxication levels.  Students are asked to perform simple tasks while wearing these goggles, while the rest of the class observes and an intense discussion follows.


It takes a special kind of police officer to enter the school and lives of young teenagers. The SRO is a positive role model for students teaching them to be active and positive members in the community.


Deputy Sean Pfahler at Lincoln Academy


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